GERIP is above all a story of two passions, speech-language pathology and computer science, and the meeting of Philippe Revy and Jean-Yves Romagné

In 1988, Philippe, speech-language pathologist, used his Minitel to make rehabilitation more fun: his patients immediately took to this approach and jostled for appointments at his practice. Philippe was convinced of the benefits of developing computerized tools for speech-language pathologists to support rehabilitation. Jean-Yves began developing computer programs on Atari disks with his daughter Marie-Laurence. Marie-Laurence, also a speech-language pathologist, put Philippe and Jean-Yves in contact. They decided to combine their skills and founded GERIP in 1989. They were later joined by several others, including Julien Mourier, and share together the adventure of creating cognitive remediation software programs and researching in the field of cognitive science. In 2002, the GERIP team created the GENYX brand and since then has developed software for adults with literacy difficulties. 

In 2010, GERIP launched the largest European platform for online cognitive remediation (with over 10,000 exercises!) and in 2014, the first applications for Android tablets and Ipads were released. Today, more than 12,000 speech-language pathologists in 20 countries around the world use GERIP software. Hundreds of hospitals, health centers, and vocational training centers receive digital solutions: GERIP software for assessment and cognitive or linguistic rehabilitation, GENYX programs for the fight against illiteracy and the acquisition of basic knowledge, and GERIP programs from the Senior Universe for cognitive stimulation. 

Philippe REVY

philippe revyCo-founder and director of GERIP, speech-language pathologist and instructor in cognitive sciences and in the fight against illiteracy with digital tools, and manager of the company Ortop6 (neuro-visual rehabilitation).  

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Jean Yves Romagné

   Co-founder of GERIP, computer programmer, former student of l’école des Arts et Métiers in Paris.

Julien Mourier

   Sales manager and R&D project manager. His experience includes more than 15 years spent at GERIP, specializing in the publishing and distribution of cognitive and linguistic digital solutions.  

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