Who are we ?


GERIP was created in 1989 by Philippe Revy, a speech-language pathologist, and J.Y. Romagne, a computer programmer. 

GERIP specializes in designing digital solutions in the fields of speech therapy, assessment, cognitive and language rehabilitation, brain stimulation for the elderly, the fight against illiteracy, and the acquisition of basic literacy and mathematical skills. GERIP distributes its software in over twenty countries worldwide.

GERIP designs and distributes innovative and effective software that has been scientifically validated to rehabilitate cognitive and linguistic functions, attention, concentration, perception, visual-spatial functions, logic, memory, phonology, executive functions, oral and written language…

GERIP is also a partner in the professional training world with its GENYX software, which targets the fight against illiteracy and the acquisition of basic knowledge. These programs are designed for the acquisition of key skills and basic knowledge (reading, spelling, math…) by adults who are illiterate or by adolescents who have dropped out of school. 

GERIP has strengthened its Research and Development division through a close collaboration with professionals in rehabilitation and 8 neuroscience research laboratories (INSERM, CNRS…). Through these partnerships, GERIP continues to develop new software based on fundamental research in cognitive science and to clinically and scientifically validate its cognitive and language remediation programs.

The know-how and expertise of GERIP are now universally recognized in the international scientific community, as more than 12,000 health professionals successfully use our software. A partnership based on trust has been established with speech language pathologists, health and training professionals, and with institutional and associated partners, as well as training organizations connected with the fight against illiteracy.  

Key Dates



Release of software/applications compatible with Android tablets and iPads

New website

Publication of 2,400 exercises on basic skills in French and in math as part of the fight against illiteracy.

Release of Vocalab 4 software for speech assessment and rehabilitation of dysphonia. 



Development of the GENYX line of software for the fight against illiteracy, with the release of 3 software: Coach Ecoute, Coach Mots, et INprim. Development of new applications for tablets and for www.igerip.fr.

Release of Cognigerip, software to work on visual attentional functions and working memory based on visual and auditory stimuli. 



Release of the illiteracy test battery.

Release of Labbel software, the first assessment and written and oral language remediation battery for Arabic-speaking learners. Written and oral tests in Arabic and French. 

Release of Cognigerip, software for working visual-attentional functions and working memory using visual and auditory stimuli. 

Launch of the Brain Stimulation universe for seniors on www.igerip.fr.  



Update for all of GERIP’s PC software for online use on tablets. 

Release of the widest range of speech therapy software for MAC computers. 

Release of the serious game Tom O’Connor. This video game, winner of the governmental project DGCIS, helps identify a learner’s cognitive and linguistic profile as the learner plays the game, and also provides therapeutic suggestions for rehabilitation. 

Release of the PCL cognitive and linguistic assessment battery developed in partnership with 3 research laboratories from INSERM/CNRS.

Release of Diadolab, an interactive software with visualization of speech articulators that includes a speaking head. Essential for any type of speech or articulation rehabilitation. 



Launch of the first online European platform for cognitive rehabilitation: www.igerip.fr, presenting an innovative and efficient technology solution for healthcare professionals. 


Development of new software and its international deployment. Contacts made with scientific and technical partners for the creation of an online collaborative platform of remedial exercises for healthcare professionals and their patients.

Creation of Coach Cortex Training, a training organization specialized in neuroscience, speech, and illiteracy. 


2007 - 2008

Partnership between GERIP and the research labs INSERM/CNRS, specialized in neuroscience, in order to develop a cognitive assessment and speech therapy remediation portal. The portal would provide an e-learning online training system, as well as a professional community space.



Partnership between GERIP, the CCI of Lyon and the OSEO, a legal audit* for filing intellectual property and the protection of programs at the INPI and the APP.  

Partnership between GERIP and ORTOP6, a company specializing in the design and distribution of software for orthoptists and ophthalmologists. 



Outsourcing of IT services for data security and software protection.



Establishment of trade shows in partnership with the FNO (National Federation of Speech Language Pathologists) to present GERIP’s software.



Integration of a network of distributors specializing in neuroscience - Belgium, Canada, and Switzerland.



Creation of GERIP’s website with online demos of the different software.



Integration of a licensing system and updates by the Internet.



With the arrival of Windows 95, protocol integration to bring up the GERIP software up to the technological level of the different Microsoft operating systems available on the market.  



Establishment of the first scientific partnerships: research labs, FNO (National Federation of Speech-Language Pathologists) and the creation of training sessions on the use of technology in the field of speech-language pathology for speech language pathology programs all over France. 



Set up of GERIP customer service with personalized monitoring of each healthcare professional client. 



Implementation of continuing education speech-language pathology programs for the use of technology in speech-language pathology, as well as the addition of computer training to the speech-language pathology program curriculum. 



Release of the first innovative software for speech therapy and cognitive and linguistic stimulation on ATARI disks. After a year of tests, the first software marketed by GERIP in January 1990 was called "Auditory and Visual Confusion." 



Creation of GERIP by J.Y. Romagne, computer programmer, and P. Revy, speech-language pathologist. Creation of specifications for software development in the areas of dyslexia, dysorthography, and dyscalculia.