I’ve switched computers; how do I reinstall?

Once you’ve changed computers, you need to reinstall the GERIP software. 

Reinstallation procedure: 

It is essential to uninstall the GERIP software (yellow GERIP Summary icon and orange GERIP Plus icon) from the old machine (via the Uninstall button at the bottom right of the Summary GERIP panel) to retrieve the license and reinstall the software on the new computer.

You can selectively uninstall your software (choosing to uninstall only certain software) or uninstall each GERIP software individually. 

Regarding the New Products Summary (black icon with colored circles), just disable the license by clicking on the “Activate” button at the top right of the Summary. 

I have switched computers and would like to recover my “Patient Result” file from the New Products Summary. What procedure must I follow?

To recover your data, you must go to:

C:/Usersnom de votre session/AppData/Roaming/gerip2011/Local Store

Copy the file gerip.sqlite onto a USB key to be able to put the file in the same place on your new computer once the New Product Summary has been reinstalled. 

Problem with viewing videos in VOCALAB

For Vocalab 3, go to C :/gerip/secours/ and double click on CODEC MPEG4 WINDOWS V2.exe

For Vocalab 3.5, go to C:/gerip/secours/ and double click on the file Xvid-1.2.2-07062009 in order to install the missing driver.

For Vocalab 4, go to C:/program Files/Gerip2015/TOOLS/ and double click on Xvid.exe

When I launch my GERIP Summary, an error message or an execution error appears. What should I do?

If you are blocked by an error message (like a flash9f.ocx error message) when opening your GERIP SUMMARY (yellow icon) or GERIP PLUS SUMMARY (orange icon), then there is a problem with FLASH PLAYER.

In this case, go to www.adobe.com through Internet Explorer (it is important to go through this browser in order for the update to be successful) to download the latest version of Flash Player.

I can’t install the NEW PRODUCTS SUMMARY; nothing happens. What can I do?

This problem is related the installation process being blocked by the various securities present on your computer. Disable the various protections (antivirus / firewall / Windows Defender), and restart the installation.

On Windows 8, a window with “Windows SmartScreen” will appear, informing you that the file can be dangerous. DO NOT CLICK ON OK but click on “Additional Information”. At this point, you can click on “Run Anyway” and the installation will begin.

My AVAST antivirus is affecting the operation of my GERIP software. Can this be fixed?

You need to adjust the settings of AVAST, having it exclude GERIP from its analysis.