How do you install the software?

We recommend that, before starting the installation, you temporarily disable any protection on your computer (antivirus/firewall – Windows Defender…).

Insert the DVD, and wait a few minutes. The installation will start automatically. (If this is not the case, then the protections of your computer are most likely preventing installation. Disable as specified above and re-start the installation.) Next, follow the instructions on the screen. 

At the end of installation, your codes (Customer ID and product ID) will be required to activate your software. 

If you have purchased an online software license, your PC MUST be connected to the Internet at the time of activation. 

If you have purchased a license by USB key, insert your USB key, and make sure that your PC is NOT connected to the Internet at the time of activation. 

If you change computers, simply click the activation button on the summary at the top right of the window and request “Disable all my software.” Your license will then be available for a new installation. 

How to install VOCALAB and DIADOLAB software?

Insert the disc into the computer (Note: the installation order is not important). The software will launch automatically (if this is not the case, open the contents of the CD or DVD and double-click on setup.exe). 

Follow the instructions on the screen. It is possible, depending on your computer, that the green progress bar is displayed at incomplete will the “continue” button appears in the background. If this is the case, click on “Continue”, and then “Start the Installation.”

- If you have a license by USB key, select the first option.

-If you have an online license, select the second option and enter the codes provided by GERIP (5-digit license number and the 5-digit code). 

The message “Download is complete” will appear. Wait until the end of the installation. After installation is complete, you will see the Gerip summary icon on your desktop.