Speech-language Pathology Guidance: Philippe REVY

For information regarding the selection or use of our software, a speech-language pathologist (the director of the company) will respond by mail or by e-mail:
GERIP, 3 allée du Grand Chêne 69290 SAINT GENIS LES OLLIERES (FRANCE) 
Fax devis / commandes (00.33)
E-mail : revygerip@orange.fr

Commercial support, research and development: Julien MOURIER

For business information, price estimates, presentation, remote demonstration, creation of new tools in the areas of literacy, special education and speech-language pathology, or the development of serious games in the field of cognitive science, Julien Mourier will respond by mail or e-mail:

GERIP 14 A rue Ernest Renan 42240 UNIEUX (FRANCE)
Phone : (00.33) Monday to Friday
Fax estimates / orders (00.33)
E-mail : commercial@gerip.com

Technical support: Nathalie MARCJANIK

For help when installing or resolving a technical problem, contact Nathalie Marcjanik at the following address or phone number: 

GERIP, 44 Chemin des Sapins 60140 LABRUYERE (FRANCE)  
Phone : 03 44 66 54 47
Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Fax estimates / orders (00.33)

Commercial support: Yvan RAVELOJAONA

For business information, price estimates, presentations, remote demonstrations of software for speech-language remediation or cerebral stimulation for seniors, Yvan Ravelojaona will respond by mail or e-mail:

GERIP - 12, rue du repos 69007 LYON (FRANCE)
Phone : (00.33) Monday to Friday.
Fax estimates / orders (00.33)
E-mail : yvanravelo@gerip.com

Social network administrator: Joanna Chesse

Speech-language pathologist

GERIP Software distribution in Canada:

MAGIE MOTS - Myriam MATHON, speech-language pathologist
151, Ch Duhamel PINCOURT (QUÉBEC) J7V4E1
Phone: (514) 425-1822
E-mail: info@magie-mots.com

In Belgium

Société MYCOMICRO : Monsieur Jean-Pierre Brotelle Chaussée de Louvain, 292 1380 Lasne, Belgium
Phone: 02 353 00 49
E-mail: jpb@mycomicro.com

Société GAI SAVOIR : Monsieur Michel ROISEUX, 60, rue de la Station, 6043 Ransart, Belgium

Phone: 0 71 25 91 50
E-mail: m.roiseux@gaisavoir.be

In Switzerland

Carole GOETTIER DUBOSSON , speech-language pathologist
Avenue Mercier de Molin 2, 3920 Sierre, Switzerland
Phone: 0 27 452 62 02
E-mail: carole.goettier@bluewin.ch

In Morocco

 Mr Ahmed Omar Touhami AHAMI, researcher and professor in neuroscience
E-mail: ahami_40@yahoo.fr
Coordinator Master Neurocognition Human Health and Population ( NCHSP )

Director of the Department of Human Biology and Population Health (BHSP)
Director of the Neuroscience and Health Team
Faculty of Sciences University Ibn Tofail.BP 133 Kenitra, Morocco